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Why Landfills are Important

Imagine a society where trash is in every street. A society where the smell of rotting garbage fills the air and you can barely walk around without exposure to dangerous materials. Some people might make jokes about certain cities in the world being actual examples of this, but they do not come close to what you would see if landfills did not exist. The reason that Melbourne residents can enjoy a relatively clean environment is because landfills exist. They offer a necessary service. Rubbish removal takes the garbage away from the people, putting it into a secure and separate location where you will not have to deal with it.

The initial concern we would have without landfills is the piling of trash. It does not look or smell pleasant. It is something that would easily make a location inhabitable. Waste, especially organic matter, leaves you feeling as if you are choking. The smells and the appearance will make you want to run from your home. Landfills put all of that waste into a location where it cannot affect other people. It is somewhere away from the general public, where it will not feel like an assault on the senses for anyone.

All of these smells will attract rats and other animals, too. You would have an increase in the number of rodents and insects and other animals living amongst the trash. It becomes nearly impossible for a person to avoid them and the health risks that they pose, such as the diseases they carry.

Waste comes in many forms. Hazardous waste is one example of this. This type should not come near any living creature whatsoever. Without a landfill, though, it would. It would be near all people. You will not have a way to stay safe on the streets because of the amount of dangerous waste around walking areas. This makes it unfit for humans.

The effect that waste has on the environment is disastrous. Without a landfill, all of that waste can get into groundwater and can contaminate location ecosystems. It could lead to disaster and it could damage our health and safety.

Rubbish removal and landfills exist as a way to keep living areas clean. Melbourne residents do not have to worry about any of the problems associated with garbage all over the streets, keeping their homes and their health in great condition. Professional removal services and landfills exist for a good reason.