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What Is Green Waste Removal?

What is green waste removal? It has to be some specialized kind of trash pick-up, right? What is “green” about it, though? When most people hear the word “green”, they think of environmentally friendly, so perhaps green waste removal is some kind of effort to keep garbage from piling up in landfills, which is an admirable endeavor, indeed. Any effort to reduce landfills is a welcome one, since landfills are, for all practical purposes, stinky mountains that temporarily interrupt your enjoyment of your road trip when you pass by them. Recycling is a great way to keep rubbish from adding to landfills, so perhaps green waste removal has to do with sorting your trash. Maybe you have to put all the green items you discard into the green waste removal bin.

Actually, green waste removal is not just about getting rid of trash in a “green” and environmentally safe manner. It rather has to do with the disposal of the remains of green plants. The green waste I question might also appropriately be called garden waste. It includes any plant waste from your garden or yard that is too big to throw onto the compost heap. Most green waste takes the form of twigs and small branches trimmed from trees, hedges, shrubs, and potted plants. If that is all there is to your garden waste, then we will simply pick it up and remove it. Garden waste can also include big logs and large tree branches, some of which are too big to simply be hauled away. If you need to get rid of logs and big branches from your garden or yard, we will bring a wood chipper to your location anywhere in the Melbourne area to chip the logs and braches from your yard into a manageable size.

Our trash pick-up and disposal services can help Melbourne households and businesses get rid of any kind of rubbish that is too big or unwieldy to simply be put into the bin and items for which there are special rules and restrictions about disposal. We deal not only with garden waste but also with various types of recyclables and with the removal of large items, such as furniture and vehicles. We conduct all of our services in a safe and legal way, and we always adhere to the highest standards of environmental safety, no matter what kind of waste we are removing.