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What Is Considered Part of Specialised Waste?

The term “specialised waste” includes all discarded items other than the ones that simply get chucked into the rubbish bin to be trucked away to the landfill, where, depending on their composition, they will either eventually become soil or else remain for hundreds, if not thousands, of years until archaeologists in the distant future discover them. In a perfect world, everything would be specialised waste. Many countries have systems of separating specialised waste from just plain old trash for the purpose of more environmentally responsible waste removal. Exact rules of what has to be separated vary from one place to another, but here these are the items that you need to separate for specialised waste removal in Melbourne.

Recyclable Items

Here in Melbourne, we recycle many different items, which has helped a lot to reduce the buildup of our landfills. You can help make our city’s waste removal system do its best to protect the environment by separating your recyclable items in different bins. These are the various recycling bins we use in Melbourne and the items that you can put in each one.

Paper and cardboard – Recyclable paper and cardboard items include newspapers, magazines, junk mail, white and brown paper bags, telephone books, pizza boxes, cereal boxes and similar boxes and cartons used for food, cardboard cartons used for milk and other beverages, and cylindrical cardboard canisters such as those used for potato crisps, peanuts, and instant coffee.

Aluminum and glass containers – This bin is for glass bottles and jars, as well as aluminum cans, aluminum foil, and aluminum pie plates and disposable cooking trays.

Hard plastics – This bin is for plastic jars and contains used for food, as well as for plastic toys, buckets, and laundry baskets.

Garden Waste

Garden waste, also known as green waste, has its own procedures for removal. Our team will come to your home or business to pick up the scraps from your tree trimmings or shrub trimmings, and if you need to dispose of large logs, we will bring a wood chipper for that task. Fallen leaves are also classified as green waste; these should be raked and collected into garbage bags in preparation for pickup.

Other Types of Specialised Waste

Anything potentially dangerous counts as specialised waste. Other specialised waste items include motor oil, paint, prescription medicine, aerosol cans, bleach, pool chemicals, and pesticides.