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Skip Bins – What Can Go In Them?

It is question that Melbourne Waste Removal Services gets asked all the time: what can go into skip bins? Well, the answer is basically anything and everything, but one must understand that each type of waste is disposed differently to others. So you while you can shove it all in a skip bin, it is best to either to separate your rubbish, or have one skip bin for our type of waste. In regards to what you can put into your skip bin, this is the list:

  • Concrete materials
    This includes bricks, broken paths, walls and driveways. If it is made of concrete, then throw it into your skip bin.
  • Construction and building waste
    This can include the likes of timbers, flooring, doors, windows, cabinets, cupboards, plasterboards and even glass. If it is used in construction, you are free to throw it into a skip bin.
  • Electronics
    Computers, printers, monitors, televisions, stereos and so forth. If it is considered part of the electronics family, it can be disposed in our skip bins.
  • Green or garden waste
    The name gives it all away. If it comes from the garden or is green it is considered disposal. This includes flowers, fauna, branches, trees, trimmings, grass and so forth.
  • Household Items
    From furniture to appliances, from boxes to books, and so forth, household items are the most commonly disposed rubbish when it comes to skip bin hire. This does not includes household waste, like your rubbish bins though.
  • Office Items
    This includes everything in an office (and is basically considered a morphing of household items and electronics). Desks, computers, chairs, tables are all disposable.

However, you must remember that if you do mix your rubbish together, you keep them all separate within the skip bin. This is because it is important to understand that certain wastes are disposed differently to others. Always separate your wastes when it comes to skip bin hire.