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Here at Melbourne Waste Removal Service, our extensive and exceptional waste removal and waste management service is available to all who need it. As our operations have grown, so has our desire to continually offer new waste removal and management services to all our current and future clients. Our range of services include the following:

General Waste Removal and Management:
With our exclusive equipment and large fleet we have the capacity to create a waste management and removal plan to suit your requirements and preferences. Regardless of what waste you want removed, we can sit down with you and construct the right solution to manage your waste project and situation.

Skip Bin Hire:
Melbourne Waste Removal Service has a host of different skip bins for hire, and all available in different sizes. We have always ensured that we have plenty of options available to provide clients with a wide selection of waste removal solutions. Learn more about our skip bin hire service here

our green waste removal service in melbourne
our green waste removal service in melbourne

Green Waste Removal:
Green waste, such as garden and food waste, is different to other forms of waste because of its biodegradable abilities. Therefore green waste is treated and collected differently, which is why Melbourne Waste Removal Service has offered an environmentally friendly and sound approach for it.

Paper Recycling:
From commercial offices to residential homes, everyone in Melbourne uses plenty of paper. That is why it is essential that Melbourne Waste Removal Service has always strived to ensure that all the paper we collect is deposited at certified paper mills to guarantee that it is recycled and reused in future.

Specialised Waste:
Some forms of waste have to be treated differently to others. This can include the likes of sanitary waste, security document termination, bulk security disposal and other specialised waste. To find out more about our special waste removal and waste management services, contact us.