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Since the beginning, Melbourne Waste Removal has always sought to find new and innovative ways to keep properties keep and waste-free. And one of our newest services that we offer to clients is on-site waste reduction.

What is it?

This new service sees us deliver an on-site grinder to your property. This grinder is astonishingly powerful and can break down any waste that you have collected on your property, including hard waste, green waste, construction debris and general waste.

Who can use this grinder?

The best thing about this grinder is that it can be used for all properties, big or small. Whether you’re cleaning up a commercial property, your house, or are working on construction site, than our grinder can remove and destroy all your waste. So whether you’re a resident, commercial enterprise or industrial business, this service can work for you.

Why should you use this grinder?

Alongside using the grinder, which can eliminate waste on your property, our service will reduce the need for long-term disposal collection, and the transportation of your waste. It also will consume less time collecting waste and then removing it off your property than other services. It is a cost effective solution for all your on-site waste reduction.

We here at Melbourne Waste Removal can ready to offer you this service for an affordable and competitive rate. All you have to do is contact us and we will begin the process of getting a grinder to your property. To get in touch with us, click on our Contact Us tab above.