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Illegal Dumping: The Factors You Need To Know

What is illegal dumping?

To avoid any confusion, illegal dumping is the act of disposing of waste or rubbish in an incorrect manner. This means leaving rubbish or waste at roadsides, illegal landfills, parks, waterways, lakes and anywhere that is not EPA approved. It is a common problem in Melbourne.

Why do you people commit illegal dumping?

There are a few reasons on why people commit illegal dumping throughout Melbourne. These reasons include:

  • They don’t have time to dispose of the waste properly at certified landfills

  • They are lazy and are not committed to being environmentally friendly with their waste or rubbish

  • They do not want to pay any disposal fees

What is the impact of illegal dumping?

There are no positives when it comes to illegal dumping. By failing to dispose of waste or rubbish in the correct manner, risks damaging the environment, the natural ecosystem of Melbourne and the health of people. Illegal dumping means the chances of contaminants, bacteria and diseases spreading throughout the land, the water and through people exposed to the waste or rubbish.

There is also the aesthetic appeal. Having rubbish or waste lying about means that the area looks dirty, unhealthy and for lack of a better word, poor. This affects the comfortability of people and the value of communities and locations. That is why is it important to dump rubbish and waste the proper and legal manner.

Finally, there is the financial implications. Having rubbish and waste lying around means that local governments have to spend money on cleaning it and dumping it legally. This money could be used for better things throughout the community and area.

The Importance of Proper Rubbish and Waste Dispose.

That is it why it is important to dispose of your rubbish and waste correctly. If you are worried about this, there is always the idea of calling professionals services like ourselves to handle the rubbish for you. This means no stressing for you, and most importantly, the rubbish will be disposed of in a correct manner.