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Four Things You Should Know About Green Waste

One must remember that green waste is a totally different waste compared to others. The thing is many people and homeowners do not know the difference and naturally assume that is all one and the same. That is why we are happy to showcase four key things you should know about green waste.

Green Waste consists of…

Biodegradable materials that are 100% recyclable. This includes the likes of leaves, twigs, branches, weeds, grass clippings, flowers, fauna and basically anything that comes from the garden. If it green and can break down, it’s green waste.

But it does not include everything…

Just because it is in the garden that does not makes it green waste. The likes of rocks, pebbles, woods, timbers, dirts and soils are not considered part of the green waste family. These are different materials that cannot be broken down during recycling. Be wary of these little differences.

It is disposed differently…

Because like all types of rubbish, it has to be disposed off and recycled in the correct manner. Green waste is renowned for its biodegradable elements, so unlike say household rubbish or hard rubbish, it does not take long to be disposed off. It is actually easier and more natural than other types of waste. It is also friendlier to the environment.

The waste is reused…

Thanks to the biodegradable elements within green waste, this type of waste can actually be reused down the line. If you dispose of it at certified recycling facilities or landfills, the green waste is slowly broken down through the process and is created into compost. This compost is sent to councils, landscapers, nurseries, gardeners and construction facilities. This highlights the importance of disposing of green waste in the correct manner through rubbish removal services.