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Loading Your Skip Bin? 5 Tips To Manage It.

So you have hired a skip bin from Melbourne Waste Removal and you are ready to begin your clean up. Well before you jump the gun, we got five very valuable tips for you, so you will be able to better manage your skip bin. Take your time and have a read:

  1. Use your time wisely.
    Do not waste your time with your skip bin. The longer you keep it, the more you will have to pay in the long run. When it comes to managing the timeframe of your skip bin, always aim to maximise it. Plan the rubbish you want to get rid of beforehand and it will help you in the long run.
  2. Be wary of the skip bin limit.
    Every skip bin has a limit. Your aim is not to exceed it as you will either be charged for it, or it cannot be transported back to its landfill. Always remain in the limitations of the skip bin.
  3. Maximise your “airspace”.
    This means in basic terms to maximise the space that you have in skip bin. Squeeze as much as you have together and use all the space you have available to you. You do not want to exceed the skip bin limit, drag on the hiring stage or look to get another skip bin. Maximise the space you have available to you.
  4. Crunch those larger items.
    If you put in large items like tables or cabinets, you will end up taking up plenty of space in your skip bin. Break down these larger items so they do not take up too much room in the skip bin. It will open up more room for more rubbish and other items.
  5. Don’t waste it on recyclable items.
    All councils have recyclable bins that get collected. Use them and don’t use the skip bin for these items. Either they will not be able to be recycled or you end up taking up space on items that could be taken away for free by your council.

The 4-Step Process of Getting A Skip Bin.

So you have come to the point that you need a skip bin in your home, but you are wondering how you should go about getting one. It is not a simple process of merely signing up the first skip bin that you see. It is a carefully process; one that we got down for you in four easy steps.

  1. Assess the type of rubbish you have.
    When it comes to hiring skip bins, you have to take a look at the type of rubbish you have in store. This will be an important factor in helping you decide the size and type of skip bin you need. Plus there is the factor that each type of waste has to be disposed off in the different ways.

  2. The Volume factor.
    This might be hard to break down with the visual eye, but you should be able to keep track of how much rubbish you have. This will help when it comes to selecting the right size of your skip bins.

  3. Search around.
    Start researching and looking into the skip bins that are available on the market. See what sizes you can get and what you prices you can get for them. The more information you can collect and the more you have, the better decision you will make when it comes to…

  4. Hiring It.
    If you are happy with the research you have collected about company, the skip bins and you are confident that it will deliver the collection service you want, then get hiring skip bins and get it to your house.

If you are looking for the right skip bins for your home, then get in touch with Melbourne Waste Removal today. We are ready to provide you with the right bin for the rubbish you want to get rid of.

Skip Bins – What Can Go In Them?

It is question that Melbourne Waste Removal Services gets asked all the time: what can go into skip bins? Well, the answer is basically anything and everything, but one must understand that each type of waste is disposed differently to others. So you while you can shove it all in a skip bin, it is best to either to separate your rubbish, or have one skip bin for our type of waste. In regards to what you can put into your skip bin, this is the list:

  • Concrete materials
    This includes bricks, broken paths, walls and driveways. If it is made of concrete, then throw it into your skip bin.
  • Construction and building waste
    This can include the likes of timbers, flooring, doors, windows, cabinets, cupboards, plasterboards and even glass. If it is used in construction, you are free to throw it into a skip bin.
  • Electronics
    Computers, printers, monitors, televisions, stereos and so forth. If it is considered part of the electronics family, it can be disposed in our skip bins.
  • Green or garden waste
    The name gives it all away. If it comes from the garden or is green it is considered disposal. This includes flowers, fauna, branches, trees, trimmings, grass and so forth.
  • Household Items
    From furniture to appliances, from boxes to books, and so forth, household items are the most commonly disposed rubbish when it comes to skip bin hire. This does not includes household waste, like your rubbish bins though.
  • Office Items
    This includes everything in an office (and is basically considered a morphing of household items and electronics). Desks, computers, chairs, tables are all disposable.

However, you must remember that if you do mix your rubbish together, you keep them all separate within the skip bin. This is because it is important to understand that certain wastes are disposed differently to others. Always separate your wastes when it comes to skip bin hire.

What is considered Household Rubbish? We answer that for you

When it comes to collecting and removing rubbish from your property, it is important to understand the difference between the types of waste that can be collected. One of the most commonly asked questions regards the household rubbish – and what exactly does it entail? As experts in waste removal, we know the differences and we are happy to explain it to you.

What is classified as household rubbish?
There is a distinct difference between household waste and household rubbish. When it comes to waste, we are referring to rubbish bins filled with disposal waste, including food, plastics, green waste and so forth. But in regards to household rubbish, this refers to large items that require space to move. There is a distinct list when it comes to the household rubbish. One that we will be happy to expand on:

So, what is exactly included in household items?
As we mentioned above, we are happy to provide you with a list of what is considered household rubbish. Take a good look:

  • Floors of all sorts, including:

    • Carpets

    • Rugs

    • Timber

    • Tiles

    • Concrete

  • Timbers and woods

  • A range of appliances, including:

    • Stoves

    • Fridges

    • Freezers

    • Dryers

    • Sinks

    • Washing Machines

  • General junk, such as:

    • Toys

    • Clothes

    • Boxes

  • Large furniture items, which includes:

    • Beds

    • Cabinets

    • Tables

    • Chairs

    • Cupboards

    • Wardrobes

    • Lounges

    • Coffee Tables

    • Bedside Tables

The above list highlights what is considered household rubbish. If you find yourself loaded with such rubbish and you are looking to get it removed from your property, then we can help with that. To get in touch with Melbourne Waste Removal Services, fill in an Online Form today and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Hard Rubbish Removal: The Facts

Hard rubbish removal is an important service for Melbourne residents and businesses. It can help you to clean up your space in an effective, safe, and reliable manner. Using professional services, you can get the results that you expect with relative ease and comfort. Before going forward with such a service, however, you need to know the facts. The hard facts about hard rubbish removal will help you to stay on track and avoid concerns. Waste collection will go forward without an issue arising.

Having an appointment first is critical. Before doing anything, set an appointment. Appointments are typically days or weeks away. Setting up an appointment gives you the ability to formulate a plan with cleaning up and organising the waste that you currently have. Make sure that you have the appointment set and that you know when it is. Write it down so that you are not doing anything well ahead of time.

Not all rubbish counts as hard rubbish. Start your cleaning up and organising by understanding what counts as hard rubbish. Not everything counts. You do not want to have to deal with the sorting and time wasting that comes with throwing away items that simply do not belong. Look at the list of items that count as hard rubbish and make sure that you only go by those items.

You need to organise everything prior to removal. Start organising everything once you are ready. Get it all sorted neatly into piles. This makes the job go by much quicker for everyone involved, including you. It ensures a cleaner, faster pickup with no issues getting in the way of the cleanup process. Go through every item that you want picked up, organise it all, and prepare it for going to the curb.

You cannot sit everything outside once you are ready. Do not put it all outside right away. If you do this, you might receive a notice to tell you to put it back in your property. While you do not want rubbish sitting around for a long time, obviously, you will want to wait until before pickup to put it out. Make sure that everything is in the appropriate spot and that everything is in good shape for pickup.

It is easy to manage all of this. All Melbourne residents can successfully organise and put out their items for collection. Make sure that you remain thoughtful and careful while doing so. It can provide great results and you can see your waste gone immediately. If you keep the facts above in mind, it will take no time at all.

Why Landfills are Important

Imagine a society where trash is in every street. A society where the smell of rotting garbage fills the air and you can barely walk around without exposure to dangerous materials. Some people might make jokes about certain cities in the world being actual examples of this, but they do not come close to what you would see if landfills did not exist. The reason that Melbourne residents can enjoy a relatively clean environment is because landfills exist. They offer a necessary service. Rubbish removal takes the garbage away from the people, putting it into a secure and separate location where you will not have to deal with it.

The initial concern we would have without landfills is the piling of trash. It does not look or smell pleasant. It is something that would easily make a location inhabitable. Waste, especially organic matter, leaves you feeling as if you are choking. The smells and the appearance will make you want to run from your home. Landfills put all of that waste into a location where it cannot affect other people. It is somewhere away from the general public, where it will not feel like an assault on the senses for anyone.

All of these smells will attract rats and other animals, too. You would have an increase in the number of rodents and insects and other animals living amongst the trash. It becomes nearly impossible for a person to avoid them and the health risks that they pose, such as the diseases they carry.

Waste comes in many forms. Hazardous waste is one example of this. This type should not come near any living creature whatsoever. Without a landfill, though, it would. It would be near all people. You will not have a way to stay safe on the streets because of the amount of dangerous waste around walking areas. This makes it unfit for humans.

The effect that waste has on the environment is disastrous. Without a landfill, all of that waste can get into groundwater and can contaminate location ecosystems. It could lead to disaster and it could damage our health and safety.

Rubbish removal and landfills exist as a way to keep living areas clean. Melbourne residents do not have to worry about any of the problems associated with garbage all over the streets, keeping their homes and their health in great condition. Professional removal services and landfills exist for a good reason.

Benefits of Waste Removal by Professionals

Rubbish removal is a vital part of keeping a property clean. You have to make sure that you remove any waste around the property cleanly and fully. Doing this yourself is possible, but dirty and difficult. There is a lot to keep in mind when doing the removal on your own. You have to know about safe removal, landfill location, and various other aspects of complete waste removal. The alternative is to go to a professional. There are professionals in Melbourne, such as us, that specialise in rubbish removal. They will remove everything with high quality results and in less time than you can manage yourself.

One of the major benefits of going with a professional is safety. When dealing with all types of waste, you will come across hazardous items and situations. This can put you at risk. Falling debris, sharp edges, and heavy objects are all parts of waste removal. You also have waste with materials unsafe for human contact. Without the appropriate knowledge, skills, and equipment, it is difficult to do the rubbish removal in a safe manner. To lower all risks as much as possible, you will want a professional on site to handle the work.

The quality of the work is an important factor, as well. You may miss objects or materials that a professional would clean easily. You may also spill things or have issues related to your inexperience with rubbish removal. While it may seem like an easy job, it is not, especially when you have a large amount of waste to remove. Removal has its complexities. It will require the careful, skilled work of a professional to get the quality that you expect of the job.

Professionals can do this work while wasting less time. A professional has experience and knowledge in proper rubbish removal, making all jobs easier to handle. Even large or complicated jobs become more manageable. It saves you a lot of time that you would have wasted trying to do the removal yourself.

It is easy to get a professional on site for the removal, such as Melbourne Waste Removal. We are ready to help you when necessary. Whenever you have a job that requires complete, competent, and high quality removal of waste materials, you have a team that can help.

Skipbins – Hire or Buy?

Skipbins are helpful in a variety of situations. For Melbourne residents and businesses, they can offer an easy and effective way to remove waste. Regardless of the type of waste you have, you can use these. They are the best option available with their availability and ease of transportation. The only concern is whether you should hire or buy one. Figuring this out is about understanding your needs. When you know what works for you, you can make an appropriate choice here that suits your needs and your finances. You can make the most out of skipbins with minimal downfalls.

Your first thought should be how often you need rubbish removal. For individuals who plan to renovate a home, as an example, buying a skipbin is most definitely a huge and unnecessary expense. You will not use it regularly nor will it remain useful to you in the future. You should not spend that much on something you simply do not need. However, if you intend to use it regularly, like for business purposes, it may be worth it to purchase one. Yes, the initial cost is higher, but it is lower than constantly renting one. It is a cost-effective solution for anyone who will use the skipbins heavily.

When you rent something, you have a business involved in the process of using it. This means that it is their property and they will take it back. If you need it again, you will have to rent it again. For businesses that need constant access to skipbins, having to wait around for someone else is wasted time. The waste you plan to throw away builds up and you have to deal with losing precious hours that you could spend getting work done. When you own a skipbin, you always have it available to you.

Buying a skipbin also means that everything is on you. When it comes to actual rubbish removal, you will have to do it yourself. You will have to know where the Melbourne emptying sites are, you will have to know how to handle everything, and you will have to deal with damage. It is all on your shoulders. Renting means that it is someone else’s property and someone else can deal with the hassles that are part of removing rubbish from properties. It is less stress on you, and, generally, far easier to manage than having it all fall on you.

5 Pointers You Need to Know

Everyone in Melbourne should already know about rubbish removal. Sadly, too many have little to no information on the subject. Businesses and individuals alike do not know as much about it as they should. This leads to poor decisions about waste removal and issues arising when going about it. Below are 5 pointers that everyone should consider in regards to waste removal.


Do not just throw everything into a pile and say it is good enough. This leads to more time and work going into getting everything prepared for removal. If you want to make the job go by quickly, and if you want the best results possible, then do the separation as you get it all prepared. Make it part of the normal work.

Get Everything Ready

This is part of separation. If you have extras that you do not want to throw away or that are not meant to be part of the rubbish removal, then remove them. Add anything you need and get it all ready for removal. This is an extra step after separation that is just as important. You do not want to deal with wasted time and effort when you could have easily had everything prepared ahead of time.

Be Mindful of Time

Never waste time when it comes to waste. If there is a specific time for the removal, then have everything prepared by that time. Work efficiently. Any time there is a deadline, especially with work where delays could leave waste on your property, you do not want to go over. Watch the clock and work quickly.

Know Your Landfill Location

If you plan to do the rubbish removal personally, then know your landfill location. Know where to take all waste so that you can have it in immediately. This allows you to work quickly and have the waste gone as soon as possible. It is typically easy to find landfill locations around Melbourne and get to them.

Hire a Professional

If you do not want to do the rubbish removal yourself, then make sure that you hire a professional. Professional services do exist for removal. They will do an efficient, clean, and complete removal of all waste. As long as you have everything prepared on time, you can gain from the use of this service. It is a faster, easier solution for your needs.